306 NW 3rd St

Madison SD 57042


Grace Episcopal Church

No Name Quilters


The No Name Quilters are a group of quilting enthusiasts. They spend their free time on Sunday making beautiful quilts.  Quite often these quilts will be raffeled off for charity.


They No Name Quilters generally meet at Grace Episcopal Church at 4pm on each Sunday.

Bishop Visits

Bishop John Terrant is the Bishop of the South Dakota Diocese.  The Bishop's home office in is Pierre South Dakota. Every year he takes a trip through out South Dakota Visiting various churches to see how they are doing and to hear any concernes the congregation might have.  The pictures to the right are of Bishop Tarrent and his recent visit.

Relay for Life

Grace Episcopal Church participated in Relay for Life in 2012.  The picture to the right was taken with Miss Nevada.


In the picture to the far right, the line that the people are walking next too are paper bags with candles in them. Each bag is memorial or tribute to somebody. The entire course was lined with these memorials.

Maplewood Mens Choir

The Maplewood Mens Choir (MMC) is a group of men that sing at various venues.  The MMC came to sing at our church in January 2011.  They were amazing.  If you get a chance to hear then sing, do so.

Communion With Nature

Grace Episcopal Church decided to have Holy Communion outside.  This was an especially good service as it reminded us that God is with us even when we are not in the church.  We got to explore what the service means to us outside the physical structure of the church.