Episcopal Church

Madison, SD

306 NW 3rd St

Madison  SD  57042


In 2018 we started a new service type at Grace Church, the Service Bible Study.  The concept is that we read the Old Testiment somewhat cronologically and in the order provided by the JPS Tanakh.  ( I have it from a respected teacher it will all make more sense this way.)  The goal is to be able to take those Sunday snipets we hear in the lessons and put them into the whole story.


Originally we were printing out the entire text, hitting on the highlights, and then saving it to read later.  We all have bibles at home in the version we feel comfortable with so that seemed like a waste of paper.  Now we condense the printed paper each week.


The discusions are something I cannot recreate for this website.  They range from serious ideas on current issues resulting from past disputes, crazy theories on the disfunctional personality traits of our main characters, to digging out old maps and actually looking at books on the book shelf.


We start our Service Bible Study in Morning Prayer, Rite 2.  When it comes to the Old Testiment lesson we substitute our study section followed by our discussion.  When the discussion slows we continue the Morning Prayer service as usual.  We are unsupervised and not experts.


I have been asked to provide past week printed material by several who missed a week.  This is just a list of the printed material we have used so far.  Almost every person reading this can do it better and make it clearer.  This is by no means to be used as a study guide for any other group.  We make no claims to know the answers but encourage everyone to read it for themselves and see what they think.